Christmas Market

We had a small idea to turn the salon into an indoor Christmas Market to raise some money for a specialist school in Bournemouth. The school is close to our hearts as our salon manager Emma’s son attends the school as he has autism. The journey for Emma and her son has been long and at times painful as he was excluded from a mainstream school at the age of 6 and Emma looked after him at home for a year until the place at his current school became available. Since starting the school in January this year, Emma’s son has become a completely different child. He now has a sense of belonging and he feels accepted at his special school. His confidence has grown and he now looks forward to going to school. Anyone that knows Emma and her son can see the difference this amazing school has made to her family’s life which is why we would love to raise as much money as possible to buy specialist equipment for the school to aid the autistic children who attend. We would also to raise awareness for the fact that so many children with additional needs are being excluded from mainstream schools and are awaiting specialist provision which is severely oversubscribed and underfunded. These children have a right to an education and this right is too often taken away from them. This problem is at a national crisis and something needs to change. So please come along and support this school and children with Autism. We have some amazing local traders and this small idea has evolved into something very special and the Christmas Market is going to be a one stop shop to get all your Christmas gifts whilst supporting an amazing school so please come along to what promises to be a lovely local Christmas event 🎄