Colour Change Possibilities?

We love a good colour change at William and Mary and we also love the challenge that a major colour change presents us with.  Instagram and other social media sites along with celebrity press are having a big impact on hairdressing.  It seems the days of our clients presenting us with a magazine cut out of their new desired hair are long gone and now our clients are showing us screen shots on their phones of the hair they dream of.  Often these are shots from Instagram and we are faced with the dilemma of having to tell our clients that their desired look will not be achieved in just one salon visit.  Often, the shots are photo shopped and sometimes the hair is actually a wig, hence why so many celebrities appear to have many colour changes in such a short period of time.

Of course major colour changes are possible but only with the investment of time and money.  The process may take several salon visits and this can be costly.  Until recently, we would be concerned about the impact of colouring on the condition of our clients hair but with Olaplex, we are now confident that with regular treatments, the condition of the hair can become even better than it was before.  Olaplex actually repairs damaged hair and this is why we feel that it has revolutionised the way we colour hair and has extended the possibilities of colour changes.  Check out this link to read more

We have had some amazing results in the salon with dark to blonde colour changes which has taken dedication from our stylists and our clients.  The process can take up to 4 salon visits and many hours in the chair!  We would always recommend our clients to have an Olaplex treatment before, during and after each colour change process.  It is also beneficial to have fortnightly Olaplex treatments but if your budget can’t stretch to this then we do have the Olaplex No 3 home treatment so you can apply it at home up to once a week.

Mary has recently completed a dark to blonde colour change and our lovely client Hannah is very pleased with the results.  We thought that rather than just showing you the finished look, we should take this opportunity to detail appointments and costs so that our clients can have an honest account of how much money, time and effort went into the change.  So here is the truth…….

This colour change took 3 visits over 6 months with a total cost of £481.  But the results are amazing!









Hannah is very pleased with the results and she recently wrote this review on our facebook page:

‘Absolutely love having my hair cut and dyed here. Everyone is lovely and welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. I am continually impressed with how much they genuinely care about their customers and the continually high standards that they achieve. I love the cut and colour of my hair. Very happily recommend William and Mary any day of the week.’

Once our clients’ hair is finally blonde then we can have some fun! Their hair almost becomes a blank canvas and we have many different toners and fun colours to add a temporary but high fashion quick colour freshener. We have seen lots of pastels, pinks, blues and peaches on social media sites and we are pleased to report that we can achieve this look simply and cost effectively. The price of a toner is from £11 and the appointment time is 45 minutes with half an hour added if you would like a blow dry too.

As always we offer free and thorough colour change consultations and we always give an honest representation of how our client’s desired look can be achieved with detailed costings.
Finally, we would like to add that anything is possible and we love to take on the challenge of something new and different for our clients so dream big and come to us with your colour change ideas and we will endeavour to formulate the process to make it happen!!!