High expectations

We’ve written about this before but we feel it needs a revisit as the current grey hair trend appears to be going nowhere. We also have lots of clients who wish to be not too blonde but just ash blonde which is actually the lightest blonde you can go. Hair colouring is a very technical business and whilst we love to achieve our clients wishes, we also have to be realistic about the possibility of reaching their hair goals. We never compromise the condition of our clients hair and we always honestly inform our clients that Rome wasn’t built in a day. The process of lightening hair is often long, costly and sometimes unachievable. It’s painful for us to sometimes say no but we are happy to offer alternatives and our talented team of stylists will always deliver great results even if it’s not the Instagram photoshopped version we all dream of. Don’t be scared to ask but don’t be shocked if we say we can’t get you all the way there to your dream hair. There’s always the option of a wig 🤣! However these 4 grey tones have been lovingly created by our talented stylists at William and Mary 💜