Sustainability appears to be the buzzword of the year and something which is constantly on our minds at William and Mary. We can throw the word around and make ourselves and our clients think that we are doing all we can to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly but are we actually doing all we can? We’ve had to think long and hard about how we can actually make a true difference and we’ve come to the realisation that this process is going to be longer than we’d like and costly. However, this has not put us off beginning our journey to be more sustainable and more accountable to the environment. We’ve started by eradicating single-use plastic biscuits so you will no longer be getting a lotus biscuit with your coffee. We have also stopped buying single-use disposable gloves to protect our hands when colouring and washing hair. Instead, we all have a pair of reusable gloves which can be hand washed. This may be small but it’s a start.  
This has also got us thinking about our retail products which are all contained in plastic. How can we ensure the plastic bottles that we sell our products in are recycled? We have decided that we will offer 10% discount on retail products like for like (or equivalent) if you return your empty bottles so that we can put them in our own guaranteed to be recycled refuse collection.   
This has also got us thinking about our suppliers and how they use plastic. Are they using recycled plastic? Do they offset their carbon footprint? Do they really put the environment before profit? Time to start asking some questions……… watch this space 💕💕