The importance of good hair care!

We love good hair days at William and Mary and we especially love creating beautiful healthy hair on all our clients.  Nothing gives us more pleasure than bringing hair back to life and adding that lovely healthy glow to compliment a beautifully created colour.  We are dedicated to solving our client’s hair care needs and dilemmas which is why we stock such an amazing range of products.  We believe in our products but that is simply because they work.  Great hair is an investment and luxury hair care products are worth spending a bit extra on, if you can, as the quality of ingredients are far superior than supermarket brands. 

All our products contain the highest-grade ingredients, are ethically sourced and scientifically proven to strengthen and repair hair.  It has long been reported in the press and media platforms that cheaper hair care products can strip the colour from the hair and in some cases even damage the hair.  That’s why we invest in using the best quality professional hair brands during your visit to our salon and why we recommend you continue using these brands at home.  When you invest in using professional hair care at home, you can prolong the quality of the colour and maintain healthy beautiful hair between your salon visits.  We guarantee all our colours when our clients use our recommended hair care routine at home and now you can order online from our William and Mary shop. 

All our stylists can recommend the perfect prescription for your hair and you can browse our online catalogue from the comfort of your own home.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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