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Sustainability in the salon

Sustainability is a hot topic at the moment… For some time we have been working on ways we can become a more sustainable salon. We already have many things we do that contribute towards our bit for our planet. The products we use in the salon both come with values. @Evo hair products come from humble beginnings to big ideas with a mission for saving ordinary humans from themselves, hoping to create a more sustainable professional haircare industry. We also use @davinesofficial products and colour range, a brand for quality, ethics and sustainability at its core. They use ingredients from natural origins, generated with renewable electric energy, packaged to minimise the environmental impact, inspired by the ideal of sustainable beauty as an inseparable unity between beauty and good. Another big move we make is working with @greensaloncollective a fantastic organisation … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Update

Dear customers, We have had to close our doors again and follow the government guidelines.  We will be contacting everyone once we know when we can open again. We will do this in the order that you have been cancelled, as we think this is the fairest way.  We will continue to keep you updated on our social media channels and if you would like any products please don’t forget our online shop. All local deliveries will be free of charge.  Most importantly stay safe and we are counting down the days we can see your beautiful faces and messy hair again!  In the meantime any questions or if you just want a chat, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  Lots of Love, Mary and Team William and Mary xx

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The importance of good hair care!

We love good hair days at William and Mary and we especially love creating beautiful healthy hair on all our clients.  Nothing gives us more pleasure than bringing hair back to life and adding that lovely healthy glow to compliment a beautifully created colour.  We are dedicated to solving our client’s hair care needs and dilemmas which is why we stock such an amazing range of products.  We believe in our products but that is simply because they work.  Great hair is an investment and luxury hair care products are worth spending a bit extra on, if you can, as the quality of ingredients are far superior than supermarket brands.  All our products contain the highest-grade ingredients, are ethically sourced and scientifically proven to strengthen and repair hair.  It has long been reported in the press and media platforms that … Continue reading

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Coronavirus update!

Hello everyone! Hope you are all keeping well and safe ❤️ As you have probably all heard through the various media platforms, salons are not expected be open until early July. We are sure you are all as disappointed as us that we cannot open any earlier but this is to ensure all our safety during this uncertain time. We would like to assure that we have been doing all we can in preparation for reopening and we have been purchasing PPE equipment and getting the salon ready to adhere to social distancing regulations. We are not 100% how this will work but what we do know is the salon will be run very differently once we are allowed to open. We will have less staff and clients in the salon at one time and we no longer expect to … Continue reading

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Coronavirus update for our Salon

This is a difficult post to write but I feel I have to address the current situation and inform you of my decision about the coming months for William and Mary. I have decided to reduce the salon to a 3 day week and we will be open on a Monday,Thursday and Saturday. We will be calling all our clients to move their appointments. We will continue to be open until we are told otherwise or it becomes impossible to do so. However, we are aware that this may change so we will update you as soon as any news comes in so please keep an eye on our posts. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing staff and clients for their continued support. Stay safe x ❤️❤️❤️#teamwilliamandmary 

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New Decade!

Happy new year and happy new decade! We have started the year with a bang at William and Mary and we can already feel that this year is going to be a good one. December came and went in the usual salon blur that happens every December, with all our stylists being rushed off their feet. We would like to thank all our wonderful customers who kept us busy throughout 2019 and Christmas, we look forward to seeing you all in 2020! This year we have made some salon new year resolutions which include: • Lots of education courses at Davines for all our stylists • To reduce our carbon footprint and become more environmentally aware • Spend more time together as a team outside of the salon • Provide all our clients with an amazing salon experience and excellent … Continue reading

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Here’s to the next 8 years!

8 years ago an opportunity arose which took me by surprise but I knew that if I didn’t grab it by both hands, I would always regret it. My boss at the time William Guy was closing his Ashley Heath salon and creating a 1 amazing super salon in Ringwood. I approached him and asked if he would give me his blessing to open my own salon in his former salon in Ashley Heath. To my surprise he said yes with love and encouragement (you don’t meet many people as kind and genuine as William). Within a few weeks I took over the salon and renamed it William and Mary (I kept his name as an ode to him and his support) and began my journey as a salon owner. 8 years later, I still can’t believe I’m actually a … Continue reading

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Sustainability appears to be the buzzword of the year and something which is constantly on our minds at William and Mary. We can throw the word around and make ourselves and our clients think that we are doing all we can to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly but are we actually doing all we can? We’ve had to think long and hard about how we can actually make a true difference and we’ve come to the realisation that this process is going to be longer than we’d like and costly. However, this has not put us off beginning our journey to be more sustainable and more accountable to the environment. We’ve started by eradicating single-use plastic biscuits so you will no longer be getting a lotus biscuit with your coffee. We have also stopped buying single-use disposable gloves to … Continue reading

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Wella Trend Vision!

On Monday we all took a trip to Wella World Studios in London for a professional photo shoot with the Wella team for our Trend Vision entries. We have 5 stylists entering the awards this year and with all their entourage there was 14 of us so we had lots of fun and laughs. The team were amazing and we just had 2 hours to create our looks before the photos were taken so the pressure was on. We had an amazing make up artist Tai with us and her make up skills were brilliant and the models looked beautiful. Everything went really well and we can’t wait to release the pictures in April. We have decided to call the shoot ‘We Are Every Day People’ because that’s who we are and that’s what team William and Mary represents. We … Continue reading

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High expectations

We’ve written about this before but we feel it needs a revisit as the current grey hair trend appears to be going nowhere. We also have lots of clients who wish to be not too blonde but just ash blonde which is actually the lightest blonde you can go. Hair colouring is a very technical business and whilst we love to achieve our clients wishes, we also have to be realistic about the possibility of reaching their hair goals. We never compromise the condition of our clients hair and we always honestly inform our clients that Rome wasn’t built in a day. The process of lightening hair is often long, costly and sometimes unachievable. It’s painful for us to sometimes say no but we are happy to offer alternatives and our talented team of stylists will always deliver great results … Continue reading

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