Sustainability in the salon

Sustainability is a hot topic at the moment… For some time we have been working on ways we can become a more sustainable salon. We already have many things we do that contribute towards our bit for our planet. The products we use in the salon both come with values. @Evo hair products come from humble beginnings to big ideas with a mission for saving ordinary humans from themselves, hoping to create a more sustainable professional haircare industry. We also use @davinesofficial products and colour range, a brand for quality, ethics and sustainability at its core. They use ingredients from natural origins, generated with renewable electric energy, packaged to minimise the environmental impact, inspired by the ideal of sustainable beauty as an inseparable unity between beauty and good.

Another big move we make is working with @greensaloncollective a fantastic organisation doing a lot of good. They collect our used, soiled foil, the collection is made using a carbon neutral vehicle, then taken to recycle into new aluminium.

We pay for general waste and recycling bins so all the boxes, paper, plastic -anything recyclable that comes through the salon does get recycled.

All these measures come at a cost to the salon but we believe it’s doing our bit towards a better future for us all.

What’s next?… Electricity is a huge part of the salon running so the next step we are working on is ways we can get renewable energy in the salon.